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Spring 2023

17% off if you register now! 

That's only $400 for a 20-hr course,

or $40 for a 2-hr oneoff!

Classes, Activities, and Clubs for Gifted & Talented Students! 

Feb 19 - Apr 30

Our Format

Our instructors guide students through novel and challenging material.

The schedule for this week repeats ten times 

from Feb 19 - Apr 30 (skipping Apr 9). 

All times are Eastern Standard Time.

See class details below.

The Weekly Schedule

Ten-Week Classes

Sundays 3-5 PM Eastern

Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays 7-9 PM Eastern


Chemistry through Experiments

3 - 5 PM Eastern on Sundays Feb 19 - Apr 30 (skipping Apr 9)


Recommended Age Range: 10 - 17

Colored fire. Elephant toothpaste. Mentos and Coke. What better way to learn chemistry than to perform experiments? You will not only learn how to perform the experiments, but also understand the chemistry of what exactly is happening to cause the phenomenon you see in Tiktoks and Youtube videos. Join us as I guide you through a new chemistry experiment every class, and help you learn to see the world like a chemist.

This class can equip you to succeed in a high school chemistry class, or give you a chance to apply what you've learned in a high school chemistry course. It's also a lot of fun.
Prerequisites: None!

The Instructor:

The founder of edRev, Matt has taught gifted students since 2016, both privately and through CTY. This summer, he taught Paradoxes and Infinities and Chemistry in Society. He has also been teaching SAT (185 points average improvement), ACT (7.1 points average improvement), competitive math, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics for years. He claims he can "teach anything", and challenges you to test this claim.

Other classes he has taught include: Spreadsheets are Cool, Why Things Freeze/Boil (spoiler, gravity mostly), Cryptology (and Mathematical Cryptology), Logic (and Mathematical Logic), How to Adult (Finance), How to Adult (Career), Designing Competitive Math Problems, and Game Theory.

Matt Benet

One-off Classes

Saturdays 3-5 PM Eastern

Full Schedule: 

2/25: The Evolution of Evolution

3/04: Whose Story Is It? Character-Building

3/11: Make It Strange! Creative Writing

3/18: Why Language Is (Kind Of) Fake 

3/25: The Invisible Stories of Things

4/01: Fair Division

4/08: Voting Theory

4/15: Build a Video Game in 2 Hours

4/22: Microbiology: Microbe Biology

4/29: How Do Games Work: P2P Networking Basics


Evolution of Evolution

3 - 5 PM on Saturday Feb 25

The scientific consensus is that living organisms evolve over time. But how does this process happen? Science's understanding of evolution has also changed over time, thanks to centuries of debate and new discoveries. In our two hours, we'll explore how the theory of evolution... has evolved!

Recommended Age Range: 10 - 17

The Instructor:

Isabel is a former CTYer and current PhD student in biological anthropology. In 2022, her academic journey came full-circle when she worked as a teaching assistant for CTY's Paleobiology course. She is passionate about science education, and has taught classes on human anatomy and evolution to gifted kids, high schoolers from historically underrepresented backgrounds, college undergraduates, and first-year medical students alike. She also has an endless supply of life sciences trivia to share!

Isabel Mormile

Full Calendar

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Why us? What makes us different?

Incredibly Affordable

Usually only $24/hour (only $480 per traditional class)!

Additionally, save over 15% if you register now, and you only pay for the time that you attend.  We also offer discounts for referring other students (5% per referral) and Easter Eggs. See pricing for more details.


All programs cost $20 per hour attended if you register and $24 per hour attended if you drop-in.  Discounts include:​

  • Successful referrals get a 5% discount each with no maximum discount! The referred student gets 5% off too!

  • Discounts for students who find Easter Eggs.

  • We offer generous need-based financial aid! We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible. Apply via email to

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