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EdRev presents G.T.Ed. (Gifted and Talented Education)

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Gifted and Talented Education

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When hundreds of students had their CTY classes canceled, gifted educator and CTY instructor Matthew Benet reached out to his colleagues to brainstorm how best to help. The culmination of these efforts, G.T.Ed. (Gifted & Talented Education): a virtual program specifically designed by gifted educators to engage gifted & talented students in the academic ways they need most, and connect them with other G&T peers from around the world.G.T.Ed. 2022 runs weekdays from August 15-26 and costs $14/hour

G.T.Ed. 2022 Timeline — Thanks for coming!


7/26: Opened Student Registration

7/27: Added 3 Easter eggs

7/28: Added 13 Easter eggs; announced leaderboard

7/29: Added 5 Easter eggs

7/30: released FAQ

7/31: Added an Easter egg worth the full price

8/1: Added 3 Easter eggs

8/2: Updated pricing ($28 per 2 hour block with referral and Easter egg discounts)

8/3: Added 7 Easter eggs

8/4: Announced Schedule

8/15: The Program Began!

8/26: The Program Ended

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About EdRev

EdRev was started by a gifted educator who sees all the ways our education system could be improved. We strive to drastically increase learner agency, engagement, and excitement: the way that education should be. We currently offer educational summer programs, classes, and private tutoring.

We're currently working on G.T.Ed. (our summer Gifted & Talented Education program).

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