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Classes, Activities, and Clubs for Gifted & Talented Students! 

Summer Session 2

Session 1

June 11 - June 22

August 7 - 18


Our Format

Our instructors guide students through novel and challenging material.

Why us? What makes us different?

Incredibly Affordable

Usually only $24/hour!

Additionally, save 17% if you register now, and you only pay for the time that you attend.  We also offer generous financial aid, discounts for referring other students (5% per referral, no max), and Easter Eggs. See pricing for more details.


All programs cost $20 per hour attended if you register and $24 per hour attended if you drop-in.  Discounts include:​​

  • Refer someone and both referrer and referree get a 5% discount each with no maximum discount! !

  • Discounts for students who find Easter Eggs.

  • We offer generous need-based financial aid! We strive to make our programs as accessible as possible. Apply via email to

"[My G&T kid] has been happier this first week of G.T.ed than I have seen him in years." 

G.T.ed Parent

Work Desk

The Educational Revolution

edRev was founded by a gifted educator who saw how much better the education system could be. With abundant teaching many students very diverse material, he strives to work with students and educators to make learning more efficient, accessible, enjoyable and enlightening. Learn more about his story here and see our gifted instructors below.


Our Talented Instructors


Adam Dormier

Adam Dormier

Adam is a math-nerd-turned-game-developer with a love for teaching. He has been working with gifted students since 2018 as a teaching assistant for Probability and Game Theory at CTY. During the day, he works as a software engineer at Rec Room, where he works onCircuits, a node-based programming language has helped introduce thousands of kids (and adults!) to programming in a way that is approachable and fun. He is particularly excited about the prospect of teaching in virtual reality one day.

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Now offering gift cards! Perfect for the gifted children in your life.

We also offer private tutoring!

Reach out to, schedule a free call, or see more here.

Thanks for a Great Spring!

Our 2023 Spring program was awesome!  We had students from all over the country learning about paradoxes, polynomials, polymers, and plenty more.  Moreover, students had time to connect with their peers in activities and our Dungeons and Dragons campaign.  

To all of our students,

to all of the parents,

to all of our staff,

thank you.

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