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G.T.ed Students

I liked the experiments and how the chemistry behind the experiments was explained. The group was fun!  I enjoyed the class a lot and the teacher was fun!  The D&D was fun and all the activities were interesting to me!  It was interesting, fun, and the right pace.

The teacher was great, and I learned a lot!  Small classes, engaging teachers, good length of class.  The human anatomy class helped prepare me for this year’s science class, so I liked that the classes can help you prepare for the school year.  

The G.T.ed classes were very engaging and fun. I hope to continue more of these classes in the future.  It was vey fun, and I look forward to more.  G.T.ed was very fun, engaging, and educational.

I've never done a gifted program before and I think I'll do more.  My favorite part was being able to interact with the students from other classes.  

G.T.ed Parents

[My child] learned so much and wants to learn more about his class topics.

[My child] says she is enjoying the class.  She is campaigning with my wife to continue on next week, too, [instead of going on family vacation].

I truly get excited about programs like these. It isn’t always easy to connect with like minded gifted or Twice-Exceptional students/teachers. Many of the online sources are cost prohibitive and not all school districts support their gifted students adequately. It is invigorating to be involved with a group of people who “get it” understanding and embracing all of the things that come along with giftedness. 

It is obvious you have put time, effort, and passion into the courses.

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