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Why poke around the website?

Besides learning more about G.T.ed and its parent company edRev, finding various Easter eggs and solving puzzles can get you discounts ($6.28 to full admission price per egg) off of G.T.ed.

What's in it for me?

  • Various discounts off of G.T.ed (ranging from $6.28 to full admission price) per Easter egg. The 10 most valuable eggs you find will count toward your discount 

  • If every Easter egg is solved, we'll give every G.T.ed student a reward 

And If you opt in: ​
  • Placement on the leaderboard 

  • A supportive community excited to find and discuss Easter eggs with you

Current Easter eggs

A: Hidden Website Gems

Buttons are hidden throughout the website (with clues) that will take you to a code to submit in this form. The first five people to find each one get a discount.


$6.28 off of G.T.ed 

There are many that haven't been found by five people yet.  Five of which are literal little eggs hidden around the site.

B. Why Did We...?

The first two people to fill out this form with a logically sound answer (at our discretion) to each of the following questions will get a discount: 

$6.28 off of G.T.ed
  1. The original price estimate was $1123.58. Why?

  2. The original referral discount was $161.80. Why?

  3. The Early-bird price was $28 / 2hr time block. Why? 

  4. Why are two of the Easter egg bonuses $6.28 and $12.34? 

  5. Why is our logo (for either edRev or G.T.ed) the way it is? What do the math symbols mean? What does it evoke? 

  6. The original time for G.T.ed Summer student registration to close was 8/1 at 2:56 PM EST. Why this time?

  7. The time for G.T.ed first-come-first-serve registration to close was 8/6 at 9:26 PM EST. Why this time?

C. Ihhhj Fivytkh (C1)

The first five people to fill out this form correctly decoding the messages will get a discount

$6.28 off of G.T.ed

[C2] yod oy g vkxlkiz tashkx. vaz gtuznkx vkxlkiz tashkx ot znk zkdzhud. 

[C3] UHV0IHlvdXIgZmF2b3JpdGUgbnVtYmVyIGluIHRoZSB0ZXh0IGJveC4=

[C4] Rkcynva ubj guvf pvcure jbexf. Jung vf vg qbvat gb gur yrggref?

[C5] Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Echo Golf Romeo Echo Alfa Tango Stop Charlie Oscar November Golf Romeo Alfa Tango Sierra Oscar November Sierra Oscar Lima Victor India November Golf Tango Hotel India Sierra (space)

$12.34 off of G.T.ed

[C6 and C7] Lbpo unx wnx jrxf alza grjx Zlmxrhxx, su wmgp rlx olh wsmq zzxc grui Qmjvrzvh_VhMiy

Full admission price off a G.T.ed program for the first three people.

[C8] xlbtsgpdmqjplmovfechncdlkwycbhzsnjbhbqxmfzjrggkvuwgbfoncwhxjmvmvcuthcuu

Current Leaderboard


If you have any questions email

How Do I Submit an Easter egg?

For website gems, clicking on specific elements will take you to codes to submit to this form

For Why Did We?, fill out this form with your answers. 

For Coded Messages, fill out this form 

How will I know if I got the Discount? 

We're currently manually verifying found Easter eggs, so it might take a bit of time for the leaderboard to update. If you're ever unsure of your Easter egg balance, you can email

Have a suggestion for an egg or about eggs?

We'd love to hear it! Send it to us with the chat button in the bottom right.

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