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The world's first program designed and run
By Gifted Kids, For Gifted Kids.

Mentored by leaders in gifted education, these kids have designed

the summer program they felt like they were missing.

This webpage is also currently being redesigned by one of our gifted kids!

For Gifted Kids.

We have a variety of socialization activities and classes (both one-off and long-form) lined up! 

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Three Programs this summer
with incredible (discounted) rates for their first ever program


June 28 - 30

Tau Day Weekend

$62.83 ($2.80/hour)


July 5 - 7

edRev's Birthday Weekend

$75.00 ($3.33/hour)


July 21 - August 9

G.T.ed Summer 2024

$628.31 ($4.55/hour)

All of Offerings are Socialization Focused.

Help them meet their true peers.

Our Engaging Classes, based on discussion/activities

Such as Cryptology, Cooking for Experimentalists, Why Language is (kind of) Fake, and more! We'll continue to update this list as new classes are added! 

Sttudent Teachings

Finally, the right audience for their hyperfixations.

Mentored Socialization Activities

Such as Puzzle Hunts, Party Games, D&D/Pathfinder, Board Game Design (and playing), Math Circle, Interest-Based Clubs, and more!

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Our Program Format

The complete schedule!

We already have a team of 10 talented gifted kids, each taking on their own pieces of the program! 

Interested in joining our admin team? Email matt@edrev.col

  1. Meet and work with other kids like you

  2. Make the kinds of classes, activities, and other events that you want to attend 

  3. Be among the first people to participate in a program like this 

  4. Put a big project on your school and future job applications

By Gifted Kids.

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