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Frequently Asked Questions for G.T.Ed. 2022

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How does payment work? How can I get a discount?

The default price is $14/hour ($28/block) for the entire program with discounts and need-based financial aid available. You pay for the program either after each block that you attend or upfront for the blocks that expect to attend. 


There are two ways to get a discount: 

  1. Refer another student and both of you get $2/block off enrollment with no limit! Tell them to check out or send them this poster.

  2. Hidden in the site are G.T.Ed. Easter eggs, and finding them gives discounts, too! Eggs vary in difficulty and amount of discount! Score a place on the leaderboard by finding hidden gems on the website and solving puzzles. 

While it's tempting to look at all of the negative parts of virtual classes, there are many things a virtual class can do that an in-person class can't. 

For example, we can reach a potentially international community, bring together students from more diverse backgrounds than if they needed to in the same location, and set up a venue for them to easily stay connected after the program. Virtual classes can also more effectively use tools like simulations, games, polls, etc. A lot of the detriment of remote classes during COVID came from teachers being unprepared and trying to mimic in-person instruction virtually. 

We're committed to making the program as accessible as we can. Additionally, we've had interest in having similar programs during the school year, which is much more feasible virtually. 

Why is the program virtual? Haven't we had enough remote classes for a lifetime?

When is G.T.Ed. 2022?

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Weekdays August 15-26

We acknowledge it is not good to spend six hours straight on a computer. However, we're enforcing that G.T.Ed. students won't be. ​


We will have 30 minute breaks between classes (with incentives for going outside/taking a screen break during this time), as well as small breaks halfway through the class periods. ​


Additionally, many kids already spend six hours a day on various screens without these built-in breaks. For many, we would be encouraging better screen habits.

Two classes + activities is six hours of screen time. Isn't six hours a day too long on a computer? 

Are you affiliated with CTY?

While several of our instructors have taught for CTY in the past, we are not affiliated with CTY. 

G.T.Ed. was originally created with the intention of helping gifted and talented children as much as we could after CTY had many classes cancelled in 2022. Many of the organizers were working for CTY at the time, passionate about gifted education and CTY's mission, and we made this program to do what we thought would do the most good and help the most people. 

We do not hope to compete with or detract from CTY, only help gifted children and educators. We may even minimize PCTYD for many that attended. 

PCTYD, or Post CTY Depression, is wave of intense sadness felt after leaving CTY, during which many CTYers miss their CTY friends and experiences. We scheduled this program for after CTY in part to help these students transition from complete immersion among their peers to their life back home. By having a virtual environment where they can still engage with peers, though not perfect, we hope to create a tiered transition from CTY or other programs back to the rest of the year. 

How might this help with PCTYD

Who is eligible for G.T.Ed?

Any 7-17 year old is eligible. Based on parent input, we will not be requiring test scores for admission into G.T.Ed. 2022. 

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