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Frequently Asked Questions for G.T.ed

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How does payment work? How can I get a discount?

General Pricing

  • Walk-in $24 per hour

  • Registered $20 per hour

Generous need-based financial aid is available! Email and he will work with you to make sure your child is able to attend. 


You can pay either upfront for the blocks that you expect to attend or after each block you attend at the Walk-in price. There is no minimum attendance requirement after you register.


There are two additional ways to get a discount: 

  1. Refer another student and both of you get 5% off enrollment with no limit! Tell them to check out, or

  2. Hidden in the site are G.T.ed Easter eggs, and finding them gives discounts, too! Eggs vary in difficulty and amount of discount!

Who is eligible for G.T.ed?

G.T.ed is designed for G&T, 2E, and profoundly gifted students age 7-17. Our programming is very academically intense, so students who do not fall into these categories will likely have an unideal learning experience.

What's the difference between drop-in and traditional classes?

For drop-in classes, each meeting is its own, stand-alone class, and you do not need information from prior classes to understand each class. These are ideal for students who are not sure if they will be able to attend all 10 classes.

In traditional classes, each class uses material from its previous meetings. If a student misses a meeting, they can reach out to have the instructor send make-up materials. These are best for students who want a deeper look into a topic.

G.T.ed also offers one-off classes that only meet once. They are a great way to get to know us and our instructors!

Do I only have to pay for what my child attends?

Yes! Our program is designed to have a very low barrier to entry. Try out a class and see if you like it! You're only billed for what you attend.

What happens if I pay for a class upfront but my child has a scheduling conflict or wants to try another class instead?

You are only billed for time attended! Any payment received that exceeds classtime attended can be applied to any other G.T.ed offerings (including one-off classes, drop-in classes, activities, D&D, or the Youth Education Council).

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