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Spearheaded by gifted educator and CTY instructor Matt Benet, GT.ed aims to provide affordable and engaging classes, clubs, and community for G&T, 2E, and Profoundly Gifted students.

At $14/hr with no commitment, GT.ed is designed to let students try the program with no risk.
Matt believes the quality of the program should be what keeps students attending day after day.

Why poke around the website? Besides learning more about GT.ed and EdRev, finding Easter Eggs gets you a discount; the more you find the bigger the discount!

Why GT.ed? What makes us different?

Incredibly Affordable — Pay for What You Attend

The program price is only $14/hour and you only pay for the time that you attend. You can choose to pay after attending or upfront. We also offer discounts for referring other students ($1/hour off per referral) and Easter Eggs.



When hundreds of students had their CTY classes cancelled, gifted educator and CTY instructor Matthew Benet reached out to his colleagues (education program administrators, CTY instructors, and others) to brainstorm how best to help. The culmination of these efforts, GT.ed (pronounced "G. T. Ed." not "gted" or "G Ted") is a virtual program specifically designed to engage gifted & talented students in the ways they need most.

GT.ed Summer 2022 Program Details

No need to be afraid of the dark

GT.ed Summer 2022 Activities Schedule

Monday: DnD and Game Night

Tuesday: Art Club and Competitive Math Club

Wednesday: Quizbowl (second week only) and DnD

Thursday: Competitive Math Club and Game Night

Friday: Quizbowl (first week only) and Game Night

GT.ed Summer 2023! 

Express interest in GT.ed Summer 2023 here and we'll contact you when student registration opens!


To learn more, see program details above, the 2022 class list, and our FAQ! Contact with any questions or suggestions!

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Interested in Other Programs?

We're planning enriching after school classes during the year, as well as a program for next summer! 

Just waiting for something, even something absurd or extreme, to happen to pull you out of the monotony. Just trying a thousand different things to fill your head, from tapping your fingertips rhythmically to doodling abstract lines to blankly staring at one particular spot until your vision starts to blur. In the moment, it can feel like a form of torture. 


Gifted kids know this pain. In an environment meant to teach and enrich them, they are often bored out of their minds, just waiting for each day to end. It’s time to give them an environment that adapts to where they’re at, learns how they understand the world and gives them the enrichment and stimulation they’ve been left without and hoping for.

Spearheaded by gifted educator and CTY instructor Matthew Benet, G.T.Ed aims to do just that.

This two week virtual program provides enrichment classes in a variety of topics, all of which are designed to engage students like they never have been before.

You’ve been bored before, but it's different for gifted kids.

G.T.Ed. 2022 Timeline!


7/26: Opened Student Registration

7/27: Added 3 Easter eggs

7/28: Added 13 Easter eggs; announced leaderboard

7/29: Added 5 Easter eggs

7/30: released FAQ

7/31: Added an Easter egg worth the full price

8/1: Added 3 Easter eggs

8/2: Updated pricing ($14 per hour, plus referral and Easter egg discounts)

8/3: Added 7 Easter eggs

8/4: Announced Schedule

8/15: The Summer program began! 

8/26: The Summer program ended

9/23: Announced Fall Program!