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G.T.ed Summer 2024

By Gifted Kids.
For Gifted Kids.

The world's first summer programs designed

All Socialization Focused


Discussion/Activity-based on a wide range of topics!


Help them bond with their true peers. Their tribe.

Student Teachings

Finally, the right audience for their hyperfixations. 

2 Weeks of Offerings!


All for an incredible (discounted) rates for their first multiweek program: 
$496 ($9.82/hour) for the whole program or

pay for what you attend!

Heart of Algebra 2 Class

$280 for all six sessions


$17 per session or $196 for all 14 sessions

(or just drop in without registering for $28)


(including electrochemistry and lecture series)

$28 per session or $144 for all 6 sessions

(or just drop in without registering for $40)

Our Program Format

Register Now!

Full class descriptions will be added soon! Check back later.

Have questions? Want to talk about your kid?

Set up a call directly with edRev's founder.

This webpage is also currently being redesigned by one of our gifted kids!

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