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The Heart of Algebra

All algebra from the very beginning, when letters like "x" and "y" are first introduced, all the way through factoring and solving polynomials. All the most relevant things you need to succeed in high school math and beyond. Great for learning it for the first time, or for finally addressing things you find confusing. 


Additionally, do you feel like math textbooks are boring or confusing? This course follows a novel teaching approach that Matt is writing his own textbook on. Your participation will help guide and playtest his curriculum and explanations. 


Prerequisites: can multiply numbers and add and subtract positive and negative numbers

The Heart of Algebra

  • Instructor

    Matt Benet
  • Summer Session 1 Schedule

    Free Intro, Sunday, June 11, 6:30pm - 7pm Eastern Monday - Thursday 3:30pm - 5:30pm Eastern

  • Recommended Ages

    9 to 14

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