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Chemistry through Experiments
Colored fire. Elephant toothpaste. Mentos and Coke. What better way to learn chemistry than to perform experiments? You will not only learn how to perform the experiments, but also understand the chemistry of what exactly is happening to cause the phenomenon you see in Tiktoks and Youtube videos. Join us as I guide you through a new chemistry experiment every class, and help you learn to see the world like a chemist.
This class can equip you to succeed in a high school chemistry class, or give you a chance to apply what you've learned in a high school chemistry course. It's also a lot of fun. 
Prerequisites: None!

Chemistry through Experiments

  • Instructor

    Matt Benet
  • Summer Session 1 Schedule

    Free Intro, Sunday, June 11, 12:30pm - 1pm Eastern Monday - Thursday, 1pm - 3pm Eastern
  • Summer Session 2 Schedule

    Free Intro, Sunday, August 6, 12pm - 12:30pm Eastern Monday - Thursday, 1pm - 3pm Eastern
  • Recommended Ages

    10 to 17

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