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How Do Games Work: P2P Networking Basics

G.T.ed Spring One-off class

  • 40 US dollars

Service Description

Multiplayer games are a complex and delicate illusion. Because while it seems like you and your friend are standing in a virtual world together, you're not. You each have separate copies of the world, *and of each other*, and a delicate dance of message sending keeps those copies in sync. (Or at least tries to!) But what do we two when two players simultaneously open a door, or when somebody disconnects entirely? In this class, we'll hop into Rec Room in order to investigate a particular flavor of peer-to-peer networking, understanding its pitfalls and how to overcome them. We'll work together to build a few simple programs (and maybe even a small game), and learn how to handle the problems that unfold when we try to run them in a multiplayer context.

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  • 9292665326

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