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Ongoing Activities, and Clubs for Gifted & Talented Students! 

Four Types of Ongoing Offerings

Board Games

Build community with G&T peers! Game nights and good vibes! Runs weekly by popular demand.

Link to join here

Game nights based on what students attending are interested in. Originally part of a ten-week program, students strongly requested that it continue weekly.

Puzzle Hunt

Crack riddles and find the next clue in this weekly activity.

Link to join here

Puzzle Hunt challenges students to think laterally, find multiple angles on problems, and persistently search for new information.

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D is an epic game full of adventure, puzzles, mystery, and comedy. Welcoming both new and experienced players.

Link to join here

Stro runs a weekly D&D game, where he uses simplified rules and gradually adds complexity over time. We recommend that players try to attend every session.

Party Games

A space for gifted and talented kids to get to know each other and crack jokes.

Link to join here


We play party games from Jack Box Games and similar titles. This used to share a time slot with Board Games, but interest was high enough for it to earn its own spot.

Full Calendar

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These are unprompted testimonials from parents and students about our classes and tutoring.

A big thank you! [My G&T child] has probably never had a conversation like that with a teacher… He came up to me and said “wow, that was fun!”

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