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Gifted Socialization

Clubs, Activities, Tutoring,
and Mentorship

Summer 2024: The world's first gifted program designed and run by gifted kids, for gifted kids.

For Gifted Kids.

We'll have a variety of classes and activities at a three different programs this summer!


  1.  June 28 - 30 (Fri - Sun): Tau Day Weekend! 

  2.  July 5 - 7 (Fri - Sun): edRev's Birthday!

  3.  A menagerie of offerings spanning 3 weeks, 6 days/week, 7 hours/day
    July 28 - Aug 15

We already have kids getting ready to take on some positions. Expect to see application forms for positions, signups for events, and more details soon!

Why join? 

  1. Meet and work with other kids like you

  2. Make the kinds of classes, activities, and other events that you want to attend 

  3. Be among the first people to participate in a program like this 

  4. Put a big project on your school and future job applications

By Gifted Kids.

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