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G.T.ed Fall Program

Classes, Activities, and Clubs for Gifted & Talented students

Only $20/hr, pay for what you attend, with no minimum!

G.T.ed Fall 2022 Program Details

No need to be afraid of the dark

Affordable & Accessible!


  • Referral Discounts:

Both Referrers and Referrees get $1/hour discount, with no limit!


  • Virtual classes means we reach students from around the world!

  • Generous need-based financial aid!

One-off Classes

We invited gifted instructors to run  2-hour classes on what excites them: 

Saturdays Nov 12  Dec 17.

2pm-4pm Eastern

Meeting Link - Join first, pay later.

Friday Activities

Build community with G&T peers! Play Games, make Art, have Fun!

Game Night, Quiz Bowl, Art Night, and more.


Fridays Nov 11   Dec 16

6pm-8pm Eastern

Meeting Link - Join first, pay later.

Sunday Youth Education Council

G&T students meet to brainstorm how to improve our education system. This council's fall project is to propose an educational change that will be implemented in our Spring Program!

Sundays Nov 13  Dec 18.

5pm-6:30pm Eastern

Meeting Link - Join first, pay later.

G.T.ed Fall 2022 Timeline!

  • Friday Nov. 11 - Final day to get early bird price for Youth Education Council, One-off Guest Classes, and D&D

  • Fridays Nov. 11 - Dec 16: Activities

  • Saturdays Nov. 12 - Dec 17:   One-off Guest Classes

  • Sundays Nov. 13 - Dec 18:   Youth Education Council

Why poke around the website? Besides learning more about G.T.ed and edRev, finding Easter Eggs gets you a discount; the more you find the bigger the discount!

Still not convinced?

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